Friday, July 27, 2007

Have Laptop, Will Travel

This week we scooped all the kids in the family and headed to Hilton Head. With five children in tow, the minivan was full of things like skateboards, books, fishing poles, a guitar and oodles of doll clothes. You’d think, with all that stuff, the children would be entirely occupied. I imagined we’d arrive at grandma’s house and they would immediately be entirely out of my hair and in the pool. Ha! I hadn’t counted on the fact that we’re a fair skinned bunch of folks and after the second day all the children were so sunburned that indoor activities were called for.

However, we're a family of entrepreneurs which means the house is also packed with six adults, each with their own laptop and cell phone, all trying to run businesses, maintain distant servers, create complicated software help systems, market restaurants, design cabinets and sell real estate. As the writer of the family my work brings in the least amount of income – read nothing – so somehow I get elected to deal with the extraneous details of life. Like feeding and amusing five bored children.

Have laptop. Will travel. Will never get to open laptop. Sigh.